Medical Care

Medical Care


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STCW Medical Care

Cost: 450€

This training is in accordance with Regulation V1/4 of STCW Convention Section A-V1/4 (4-6) and gives knowledge on:

  • Recognising cardiac arrest of an adult
  • Dealing with unconscious patients
  • Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation of an adult
  • Performing defibrillation
  • Positioning patient in the recovery safe position
  • Stopping bleeding, recognition and fixing fractures
  • Dressing thermal burns and electrocution
  • Dealing with patients in shock
  • Diagnosis and emergency treatment of basic abdominal and chest diseases
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted and tropical diseases
  • Performing gastric lavage, diagnosis of poisoning
  • Declaration of death and recognising the irreversible signs of death

Upon successful completion of the course all candidates will be issued with an STCW Medical Care onboard Certificate.

Available dates

Pre–Course Requirements
Delegates must hold valid Elementary First Aid and Medical First Aid certificates.

Test examination and practical assessments.

4 days, starting hour: 0800

Other information
Medical Care certificate is valid for 5 years