Company Security Officer

Company Security Officer


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Company Security Officer (CSO)

Cost: €395

The informative course aims to educate you on all aspects of CSOs responsibilities as defined in the ISPS Code. In particular the duties and responsibilities of a CSO with respect to the security of the ship, for ensuring the development, implementation, maintenance and updating a Ship Security Plan and for liaising with the Ship Security Officers (SSOs) and Facility Security Officers (FSOs).

Course Content:

  • Principles and Responsibilities of the ISPS Code
  • Company security plans
  • Understand and implement security levels
  • Develop and maintain ship access control measures
  • Search mechanisms and security control policies
  • Ship security assessments and risk analysis
  • Monitor the performance of Ships Security Officers

Available dates

Pre-Course Requirements

Students are assessed by multiple-choice/open book written assessment.

3 days, starting hour: 0800