Basic Fire Fighting (BFF)

Basic Fire Fighting (BFF)



STCW Basic Fire Fighting (BFF)

Cost: €150

This course covers:

  • Types and classes of fires
  • Prevention
  • Hazard awareness
  • Methods of fire extinguishment
  • Structure of incident response team
  • Appropriate equipment
  • Personal safety
  • Team support and live exercises

During this course you will learn the proper use of firefighting equipment and tools including: respiratory apparatuses depending on the type of fire and the number of persons involved, following personal and ship safety procedures and proper response to fire risks, use of movable fire-fighting equipment on onboard ship.

Available dates

  • 12-13.02.2020

Pre–Course Requirments
Some aspects of practical exercises are physically demanding so you need to complete a Medical Self Declaration Form prior to the start of the training.

Test examination and practical assessments.

2 days, starting hour: 0800

Other information
BFF certificate is valid for 5 years.