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Maritime Training Centre in Gdynia has full approval from Polish Maritime Authority.

Poland Maritime Authority is a white listed representative of the IMO and all its courses are fully accepted by all flag states globally. Trainings you will receive will be to the highest of standards and the skills you learn will be current as to prepare you for the career path you wish. CSM Gdynia in cooperation with SVS RISK offers STCW safety and security courses for seafarers. CSM and UK Instructors from SVS RISK deliver the complete course in English.
We are ISO 9001 Standard Company which will ensure quality from start to finish.
  • Brand name: Centrum Szkoleń Morskich w Gdyni
  • Short name: CSM Gdynia 
  • English name: Maritime Traning Center in Gdynia
  • Company establishment date: February 2016